About Dylan

"Person, Not Politician"

My name is Dylan Mill, I am a Lifelong resident of Kankakee County and Illinois. I am a blue-collar worker that works at AHF and am a 100% supporter of all unions. All my life, I have wanted to help people, I don’t want to be recognized as a politician, I want to be recognized as person, just trying to make our lives better.

Tax reform is a large part of my campaign, currently Illinois has a state income tax rate of 5%. My Bill will cut that 5% in half to 2.5% for those who make less than $125,000 Annually, which is a 50% decrease to the hard working people of Illinois. As a blue collar worker myself I understand the brutal tax system that burdens the workers of Illinois, and will always work hard to ensure that the workers get a tax break. For it is us, the workers, who keep this amazing country and beautiful state up and running.

As a responsible gun owner myself, I understand the fear of losing the right to keep and bear arms. I vow to never vote for a bill that will take away any freedom of responsible gun owners of Illinois. At the end of the day no responsible gun owner should be told they can’t own the gun they want. We have to protect the 2nd Amendment together and I am happy to lead the way.

I understand the hardships that goes on in people's minds, that’s exactly why I will propose a bill that will help pay for therapy and counseling for everyone, regardless of financial status, race, religion or any other group. We can all suffer from mental health problems, and I feel this has been looked over for too long and everyone deserves to get help for it.

Bottom line is this, I'm just a hard worker who comes from a family of other union workers and small business owners. I've always looked at politics as an independent and my big promise to everyone is I will never be partisan and to always work with everyone in the house of representatives regardless of party, and to always remain independent even though I'm running with the Democratic party.

I'm just a blue collar worker who understands the hardships we go through as the working class and I only want to help people.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call or text me or my campaign team, thank you for reading and listening to my story.

Dylan Mill - 815-592-1641

Cameron Chaplinski - 815-922-0561

Dylan is committed to our area and requests your vote to be the State Representative for the 79th District in Illinois.