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Vote Dylan Mill in 2024

Illinois State Representative District 79

Welcome and thank you for learning about the future of Illinois!

My name is Dylan Mill and I’m running for the Illinois State Representative of District 79, in Illinois in 2024. As a lifelong resident of Kankakee County. I recognize areas that we can improve and reform our laws to help the citizens of our state not only survive, but thrive in our ever changing world.

This website will outline and provide information for my campaign. My vision is for a thriving state that grows together as one. I plan to focus on financial stability, protecting the constitution, and mental health reform.

  • Financial Stability
    - Illinois State Income Tax Reform
    - Reduce Tax to 2.5% for all families making under $125,000 annually
    - Control/Reduce spending costs in our state government
  • Protecting the Constitution
    - 2nd Amendment right to bear arms
  • Mental Health
    - Bill proposal for therapy and counseling for all
    - Allocations of funds to help everyone get the help needed

I’m asking for your support to be your voice and want to hear your thoughts and concerns. As your State Representative, I will be easily accessible and available quickly to the residents of our district in Illinois and all of our neighboring communities. Representing Illinois needs to be an interactive process that is proactive and not reactive. Our State is stronger when the citizens of Illinois remain positive, strong and thriving.

I hope you will find this website a useful tool in helping me to serve you better.

“Building a Better Illinois, Together”

- Dylan Mill

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